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Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Present Holiday Giveaway at Shabby Cottage Shops!

Our Annual "Pink Present" Holiday Giveway at Shabby Cottage Shops has started, here on the blog!! We invite you to stop by and enter today!! Click on the video below, as well as each picture to see all the treasures our participating shops have for you this year!

This year's "Pink Present" is filled to the brim with fabulous products so graciously donated by 30 participating shops!! Click here to see what's in "The Pink Box" this year at Shabby Cottage Shops and enter for a chance to win "The Pink Present", it's going to be the best Giveaway ever!
Here's all you have to do to enter:
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• "
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• Leave a Comment on
our wall on facebook about our giveaway, after you have liked us!
• Visit each of the
participating shops (find them below).
• Come back to this post "Pink Present" Holiday Giveaway post and leave a comment telling us your favorite shop, along with your first name and last initial.

Previous Winners are not eligible to participate in this giveaway.

The lucky winner will be announced on December 16! Your package will arrive after the Holidays! You'll have two days to respond to our email or we'll pick another winner.

Below are the participating shops, take a peek and see what they have donated as their gift to you for this year's "Pink Present Giveaway" at Shabby Cottage Shops!!

Good Luck, this year's Pink Present is valued at over $350.00


kotomi said...

"Pink Present" Holiday Giveaway

NAME: Vivian T

My story: Because really, it is a story.

I started my hunt for some kanzashi(handmade Japanese hair ornaments)and some Victorian items on etsy. I happen to somehow land on Le Chic Bakery Boutique on esty.
Instantly I was in love. All of those mini sugar pieces molded into "adorable" rose, duck, hearts, Christmas tree and so much more that I might run out of room typing here.
I think I wanted it all, but what caught my attention was the Tea Set that was on displayed with her items. I sent her an email asking about the set cause I "just" had to know where it come from. She replied back to me around 1AM. I ended buying the set from her website with a freebie set of sugar piece ^.^ (awesome-Gorgeous website by the way).

While browsing around her website the Pinkalicious Christmas Shoppe Link caught my attention. Kind of awe struck, I started roaming around each site. I found that most of the stuff I wanted to buy from other sites were saved for a giveaway.. ?_?....(cute little glitter heel package from Rhonda's Rose Cottage, the musical cake stand from Holly and Glitter, Vintage Rose ornament from Dusty Oak).

I ended up getting back to the Shabby Cottage and heading towards the giveaway link, so here I am.. its like 3AM still hovering around the net. My browser has like 25 plus pages open right now lol >.<

I can't really pick a favorite site. They are all very unique. Just from skimming I like bookmarked most of them. Some of the ones I'm in flipping through now....

Crystal's Rose Cottage Chic- tea set and beautiful sugar molds
Rhonda's Rose Cottage- Yummy Cake !!!
Dusty Oak- OMG, do you have a set with all the ornament, I just might go bankrupt just on your site
Holly and Glitter- I want that Christmas Holly and Berries Tea Set.

Well I'm still rampaging through those above sites. Not going to sleep much tonight. I'm also not going to have much in my bank when day breaks........

---- o((")(")--------- (")("))o

Shabby Cottage Shops said...

Hi Vivi, thanks for your wonderful comments! The items you refer to at Sweetheart's Nest and Rhonda's Rose Cottage Designs can be purchased, they either have more in stock or can recreate the item you like. Just contact them directly and they ensure you get the treasures you saw in their giveaway. Have a fabulous day and thanks for shopping with us!

kotomi said...

Thank you Debie for the response. I just purchased 3 dozen cookies from Crystals Rose Cottage Chic on top of my tea set...running out of money from that site alone lol ^.^....

I actually really like your giveaway requirements. It actually give me a chance to visit and take a look at everything. This has been fun. On my way, I found the "Name an Ornament Contest" and the "You Found a Tree Contest."

I love it!!!

Where were you all my life ^.^


Roxanne Napolitano said...

I have found "Pink Heaven" in these shops!! SO many bookmarks - some for gifts, some for ME (!), some "just because" pieces...

I was really impressed by the honest descriptions - saying what was (and was not) original to the item!''GORGEOS!! I am infatuated with SO many things...and I am very impressed by the integrity of the sellers and their honest descriptions! Great spot for Christmas shoppimg!!

Blessings from Cindy said...

Wow do I have to pick a fav?? That is really hard...Celestina Marie Designs & Rose Cottage Chic; sorry there are two!! I did all the requirements to enter! This is a wonderful, fabulous, super great giveaway!

mestep57 said...

Let me start by saying this has been the hardest contest I have had to enter....this is my 3rd time trying to post my comment to enter the contest. No Im not complaining just that I really want to enter, I have been in all the shops at least 2 or 3 Thats how long I have been trying to enter but believe me I really enjoy all the pretty things in this mall. My favorite would have to be Rhondas Rose Cottage, I just love all the faux cakes. I have just begun turning my home into pink shabby chic and have a long way to go but once you start its sort of addicting :-) So Ill be here for a good while Im sure. The people that create these wonderful items on their own are some very very talented people...and what a gift they have! But I am hooked! Winning this would be just wonderful since Ive just started my shabby chicsta decor. I could not believe it when I saw this contest...Thanks so much for all of us being able to have a chance to win such beautiful merchandise! Margaret E

Shabby Cottage Shops said...

Hi Margaret have left a comment, please email me at I am sorry you are having a hard time trying to figure out how to enter, but you have left a comment now just follow the requirements, if you have visited all the shops, tell us your favorite one and so..thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to you.

Shabby Cottage Shops

Ren in Az said...

I am in love with all of the shops but Debi Coules is at the top of my list of favorites.
ReniC in Az

jhitomi said...

My favorite shop is Sassy Beach Jewelry Designs! I won a giveaway on her blog over a year ago, and not only did I get a pair of gorgeous earrings but she threw in another pair too! These are the nicest, most well constructed earrings I've had and her shop is filled with all kinds of Gorgeous jewelry for everyone!

Jhbalvin at gmail dot com
Julie B.

WinterWhite53 said...

I just love almost everything in the Pink Present Giveaway and what I don't love I really like a lot. I am especially fond of the Painted bird ornament that is signed, it reminds me of my Mother who has passed and because she loved watching birds.

ckirkseyblue said...

Hello all. Happy Holidays. I love all the shops, so many wonderful creativie items. My favorite since I have to pick is Sassy Beach Jewelry design. I love her creations. Good Luck everyone, this is so much fun.

Christina K.

Blessings from Cindy said...

I can't tell you how excited I am to win the Pink Present Holiday Giveaway!! I am pretty much in shock! Thank you so much to all the shopes that so generously donated such lovely items. I will enjoy each & every one of them! I will have a post {or 2 or 3!} with the items as I receive them. I will let you know when I post. Thanks again sooo much!!

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