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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Boutique Scrabble and Butter Cream Thursdays Marketplace!

It's Thursdays Marketplace and the Easter bunny is showing up all over the place! There's even an buttercream egg recipe in our newletter this week! If you haven't joined our mailing, we invite you to do so, every once in a while we'll share a really good recipe and this week it's Butter Cream Eggs, just in time for Easter!!

I this one found on line at Mom Consuegra (let's give credit where it's due)! It sounds like the recipe from many years ago when I purchased my butter cream eggs, for my daughter, at a Mennonite bakery!

1/4 lb (1 stick) butter, softened
1 16 oz. package powdered sugar
1 tsp vanilla
1-2 T cream

1 Mix together the butter, powdered sugar and vanilla. Mixture will be very stiff. Add in cream and mix well. Turn out onto a surface dusted with additional powdered sugar. Knead until smooth. The longer you knead the smoother the butter cream will be. You can add in well-drained crushed cherries, chopped nuts and maple flavoring instead of vanilla, or shredded, sweetened coconut for variations.
2. Melt chocolate coating in the microwave, stirring until smooth. Roll pieces of butter cream into balls or shape like an egg. Place on a fork and dip into chocolate to coat.

This week's "Boutique Scrabble" Mystery shop had donated five beautiful items with a retail value of $32.00 for our weekly Boutique Scrabble Giveaway! Below are FIVE ITEMS this shop has donated for you to win! The winner will be announced Monday, March 26th, here on the blog at 7:00 PM EST

The Details:

1. Each week we will feature a mystery boutique at Shabby Cottage Shops by scrambling up the spelling of the shop's name on the home page of Shabby Cottage Shops in the announcement box at the top of our site and in a weekly blog post.

2. You have to “unscramble” the shop or boutique name featured each week during Thursdays Marketplace. It will be a different boutique every week!

3. Once you have “unscrambled” the shop name, come back to this blog post during Thursdays Marketplace. Leave a comment saying “I know what shop it is!” letting us know you unscrambled the shop name…But please don’t share the shop name in your comment on the blog post, just email us with the Shop name you think it is!

4. If it’s the correct shop name, you will be entered into the drawing, you’ll have a chance to win the gorgeous products pictured above from the mystery shop!

5. The winner will be announced Monday, here on the blog, watch for the post...good luck and have fun!

6. Unscramble these letters to find what the shop name is and to be entered into this week's Boutique Scrabble Giveaway: edlhufoesrerf...

leave your comment below, but not the shop name, email it to us!!

This week's Thursdays Marketplace Shops offering some really good deals are:

Ornaments from Home

Low Country Shabby Chic

Debi Coules

The Ruffled Rose

French Charmed

Bella Lucille

Celestina Marie Design

Someplace in Thyme

French Bleu Vintage

Teacups and Twigs

Marys Cottage Treasures

Little Luxuries of Va

Elderberry Cottage

Sassy Beach Jewelry Designs

Once In a Pink Moon

Dusty Oak Ornaments

Marionberry Cottage

Rose Petal Porch

Shabby Shan's Cottage

Sweet Repeat Vintage

Shabby Rose Boutique

Bella Rosa Designs

Enjoy the sales at all of the participating shops for this week's Thursdays Marketplace and have fun playing Boutique Scrabble for a chance to win the five items pictured above from this week's Mystery Shop! Remember don't leave the name of the shop you think it is in your comment below, email us with that name. Our weekly Boutique Scrabble Giveaway is open to USA Residents only, due to shipping costs internationally. Also, if you don't have a blog, please be sure when you email us, let us know you left a comment as "anonymous" otherwise we don't have anyway to get in touch with you, just in case you win!! Good Luck!!!

Let me know if you decide to make the butter cream eggs, would love to hear what you think of this recipe, enjoy!!


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cottonfieldfarm said...

I know what it is because it's one of my favorite shops!
Blessings, Regina

MossyRose said...

I Know What Shop It Is!! :)

Phoenix19 said...

I know what shop it is!

Amie said...

I know the shop too! Definitely one of my favorite! Love looking and buying! And, I am going to try the buttercream candy recipe! YUM!!!

JENNIFER said...

I know what shop it is :o) this is so much fun! love the recipe to, sounds yummo!

suruha said...

I know what shop it is!
I love the sound of that butter cream. That is almost the same recipe I use for butter cream frosting. Yum!
Thank you!


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