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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Boutique Scrabble Giveaway at Shabby Cottage Shops!

Thursdays Marketplace is back at Shabby Cottage Shops with a new weekly giveaway event, called "Boutique Scrabble" and some great sales! Below is the item the mystery shop has donated for this week's Boutique Scrabble giveaway. Find out how you can enter to win this beautiful keepsake box. The winner will be announced Monday on the blog! Details are below:

The Details:

1. Each week we will feature a mystery boutique at Shabby Cottage Shops by scrambling up the spelling of the shop's name on the home page of Shabby Cottage Shops in the announcement box at the top of our site and in a weekly blog post.

2. You have to “unscramble” the shop or boutique name featured each week during Thursdays Marketplace. It will be a different boutique every week!

3. Once you have “unscrambled” the shop name, come back to this blog post during Thursdays Marketplace. Leave a comment saying “I know what shop it is!” letting us know you unscrambled the shop name…But please don’t share the shop name in your comment on the blog post, just email us with the Shop name you think it is!

4. If it’s the correct shop name, you will be entered into the drawing, you’ll have a chance to win the gorgeous product pictured above from the mystery shop!

5. The winner will be announced Monday, here on the blog, watch for the post...good luck and have fun!

6. Unscramble these letters to find what the shop name is and to be entered into this week's Boutique Scrabble Giveaway: bbyreeissoabhqtuou...

leave your comment below, but not the shop name, email it to us!!

French Charmed has some very Note Worthy News...visit their Thursdays Marketplace category, you can order Jeanne d' Arc Living Magazine for just $13.85 and $5.00 shipping! Stop by French Charmed enjoy this special during Thursdays Marketplace only!

Teacups and Twigs is offering 10% off selected vintage china items during Thursdays Marketplace. If you love teacups and all the fine accoutraments to go along with it, be sure to stop by Teacups and Twigs Thursdays Marketplace!

Oh boy, at Mary's Cottage Treasures in Thursdays Marketplace, you will enjoy 60% OFF all merchandise in this category only! While you're visiting Mary's Cottage Treasures, you'll find every item in their entire shop is 50% OFF, you don't want to miss this sale!

Stop by the 5 Dollar French Marche, you never know what kinds of fabulously French style home decor and goodies you'll find in their Thursdays Marketplace shop! But this I do know, everything is just $5!

The Ruffled Rose has just added some new items this week!!You'll find some lovely home decor and cottage style goodies at The Ruffled Rose in their Thursdays Marketplace shop!

Vintage Paris Market Thursdays Marketplace is filled to the brim with fabulous Ooh la la products! Stop by and see what's on sale at Vintage Paris Market during this week's Thursdays Marketplace!

Sassy Beach Jewelry Designs is offering 40% OFF your ENTIRE PURCHASE during Thursdays Marketplace! Just use code March 2012 during the checkout process. They are also having a giveaway on their blog in honor of the opening on their new brick and mortar store, Amore Artisan Boutique! You can find this lovely new shop on line too, they are a member at Shabby Cottage Shops. Be sure to stop by and enter their giveaway, enjoy two $25 Gift Certificates! Click here to enter!

Enjoy up to 20% OFF at Shabby Rose Boutique in their Thursdays Marketplace category! I found some fabulous deals in this shop, stop by and take peek, you'll be glad you did!

Visit Bella Rosa Designs Thursdays Marketplace, you'll find a great selection of fabulous products on sale for one day only!

Visit Celestina Marie Designs new 5 and 10 Dollar Thursdays Marketplace. Enjoy special items on sale in this lovely shop!

Elderberry Cottage has joined us for the return of Thursdays Marketplace, stop by and visit this unique shop and enjoy some great savings this week!

Visit French Bleu Vintage and enjoy up to 50% off select items in their Thursdays Marketplace category!

Little Luxuries of Va., is offering their very special Gift Box set of Fleur de Lis on sale during Thursdays Marketplace, you don't want to miss this sale!

Enjoy playing "Boutique Scrabble" this week! Hope you figure out who the "mystery shop" is and you win! Be sure to check back next week, we'll be hosting this fun giveaway every week during Thursdays Marketplace!

Thanks for stopping by, have a great Thursday!
Shabby Cottage Shops


Barbara said...

I know what shop it is, what a fun game! I've just found all these wonderful shops, so I will be back to browse and shop often ... Now I need to go send an email, tee hee!

Kathy B. said...

I know what the shop name is! I'm off to send an email! Thanks for the fun!!!

patedsch1 said...

I know what the shop is, off to email you the name.....Thanks for the give away game........

Laura J said...

What a Fantastic Giveaway e-mailed my answer already!

Molly said...

I know the shop name, love all these shops and the game.

Candy W said...

I know what shop it is! Thanks for this wonderful site!

Anne said...

I know what shop it is.

Anne said...

I love some of these shops and the contest is just plain fun! So glad to be entered.

Gerri said...

i know the name of the shop!!!

Deena said...

Got it, I know the name of the shop!

Theresa said...

I know the name of the shop... and I absolutely love this site :)

Anonymous said...

I know what the name of the shop is.

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