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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A "House" of Many Colors...It's Spring!!

Thursdays Marketplace is blooming with color this week! What's your favorite color, pink, blue, french blue, white, yellow or ??? Even though it seems like we really didn't have a winter this year for most of us, we are anxious to start planting flowers, working in our gardens and decorating both indoors and outdoors for the upcoming season! Visit all the shops this week, you'll find a wonderful selection of indoor and outdoor home and garden decor to help you spruce up your home at Shabby Cottage Shops!

I don't know how many of you are familiar with Jerry Baker, he is my favorite master gardener and uses household ingredients to create tonics for your vegetable garden or just general gardening. I thought it would be fun to share a tip of his each each during Thursdays Marktplace! Here's this week's tip: Want to speed up your compost pile? Try doing this, it will help speed up the decomposition process: 1/2 can beer (yes, beer) and 1/2 cup of ammonia in 2 gallons of warm water. Pour it on and that it's, your compost pile will start decomposing and best of all, you don't have to spend a fortune on "store bought" solutions!

This week's "Boutique Scrabble" Mystery shop has donated a beautiful signed Christie Repasy signed Canvas print, with a retail value $65.00 for our weekly Boutique Scrabble Giveaway! Below is the item this shop has donated for you to win! The winner will be announced Monday, April 9th, on the blog at 7:00 PM EST Read all the details below on how to enter.
The Details:

1. Each week we will feature a mystery boutique at Shabby Cottage Shops by scrambling up the spelling of the shop's name on the home page of Shabby Cottage Shops in the announcement box at the top of our site and in a weekly blog post.

2. You have to “unscramble” the shop or boutique name featured each week during Thursdays Marketplace. It will be a different boutique every week!

3. Once you have “unscrambled” the shop name, come back to this blog post during Thursdays Marketplace. Leave a comment saying “I know what shop it is!” letting us know you unscrambled the shop name…But please don’t share the shop name in your comment on the blog post, just email us with the Shop name you think it is!

4. If it’s the correct shop name, you will be entered into the drawing, you’ll have a chance to win the gorgeous products pictured above from the mystery shop!

5. The winner will be announced Monday, here on the blog, watch for the post...good luck and have fun!

6. Unscramble these letters to find what the shop name is and to be entered into this week's Boutique Scrabble Giveaway: elulblaelcli...

leave your comment below, but not the shop name, email it to us!!

This week's Thursdays Marketplace Shops offering some really good deals are:

Bella Rosa Designs

Shabby Rose Boutique

Sweet Repeat Vintage

Shabby Shan's Cottage

Dusty Oak Ornaments

Low Country Shabby Chic

Debi Coules

The Ruffled Rose

French Charmed

Bella Lucille

Celestina Marie Design

Someplace in Thyme

French Bleu Vintage

Teacups and Twigs

Marys Cottage Treasures

Little Luxuries of Va

Elderberry Cottage

Sassy Beach Jewelry Designs

Once In a Pink Moon

Ornaments from Home

Marionberry Cottage

Rose Petal Porch

Wishing you a wonderful and happy Easter as you celebrate with family and friends! Thanks for checking out Thursdays Marketplace and good luck on this week's Boutique Scrabble Giveaway, have fun trying to figure out the Mystery Shop!


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Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

This is such a terrific idea for a giveaway!

... and the prize is enchanting!

Laura J said...

I Know the Name of The Shop!!

Karen O said...

I know the name of the shop!!

G. Vespa said...

I Know the Name of the Shop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gail V said...

Kim Spriggs said...

Kim Spriggs, i know the name of the shop!!

Barbara Moore said...

I know the name of the shop!

cj said...

I know what the shop is!

Anonymous said...

I know the name of the shop!

Phoenix19 said...

I know what shop it is!

Karen O said...

I know the name of the shop!

cj said...

I know what shop it is!

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