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Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Pink Slipper Project is Warming Hearts and Toes!

I wanted to share this with everyone! Joyce Lucas, the founder of Make Mine Pink is doing another wonderful project, it's The Pink Slipper Project. We'll be joining this very worthy cause by shipping much needed supplies for The Pink Slipper Sew~A~Thon on October 24th. These slippers are being created by many fabulous ladies for women and children who will be spending their lives, in shelters this winter.

We would like to invite you to join in helping with this worthy cause by donating supplies, sewing, crocheting or knitting slippers for The Pink Slipper project! Here's the pattern, so you can join in the fun on October 24th!

Here's where you'll find more information on how you can help. It will also tell you what supplies they need and where to ship items or completed slippers. If you would like to promote this event, or even recommend shelters which could benefit from this project, you can contact Joyce Lucas , the Founder of The Pink Slipper Project or leave a comment too.

We hope you will join "The Pink Slipper Project" along with us at Shabby Cottage Shops, let them know you want to warm the hearts and toes of so many in need!

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