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Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That...It's Thursday's Marketplace at Shabby Cottage Shops!

We have a "Lil Bit of This and a Lil bit of That" for this week's Thursday's Marketplace! Visit the shops ~~ you'll find a wonderful selection of fabulous products on SALE TODAY ONLY, during Shabby Cottage Shops "Thursday's Marketplace"! You may just find "a little bit of something" you can't do without this week, at a special price for today only!

Visit Bella Lucille!

Visit Rose Cottage Chic!

Visit Bella Rosa Designs!

Visit Vintage to Vogue Shop!

Visit Another Bella Boutique!

Visit Mimi's Rose Chenille Boutique ~ these are on special today only!

Visit Ribbons Roses and More! Spring is in the air!

Visit Prim and Sassy Cottage for the cutest Custom Boutique Clothing!

Visit Debi Coules, Everything on her site is 15% OFF TODAY ONLY!! Use the words "Roses" in the coupon box at checkout!

Visit Chloe's Chic Boutique! Find this and more on sale today only!

Visit Sweetheart's Nest, you'll find this and more during their Thursday's Marketplace ONE DAY ONLY SPECIALS!

Make sure to stop by every Thursday at Shabby Cottage Shops, for Thursday's Marketplace, for our weekly ONE DAY ONLY SPECIAL SALE!

Happy Thursday!


Shabby Cottage Shops

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