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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 5 Featured Boutique in The Christmas Shoppe is...

It's the fifth day of the opening of our Christmas Shoppe at Shabby Cottage Shops, it's hard to believe a week has almost come and gone. How many days are left until Christmas arrives?? Well, 60 days to be exact!!! Stop by and visit today's featured boutique and start your holiday shopping now, here at Shabby Cottage Shops in our Christmas Shoppe! We also invite you to stop by and enter our Christmas Tree Hunt Contest, this contest has started and the shoppers are continuing to have fun while they marking their lists and browsing all the participating shops hunting for all six of the hiddens trees in these fabulous boutiques!

Meet today's featured boutique below:

Today's Featured Boutique is...
Maude Dexter!

Visit Maude Dexter's Christmas Shoppe!
In this lovely shop you'll find feminine mix of home decor and interior accents which resembles a bygone era when everything was full of romance and roses! Shabby Cottage Chic home decor, accessories, pillows and more that whispers a sweet Romanticism from the past! Come peek inside their Christmas Shoppe, step back in time at Maude Dexter!

Please stop by everyday, we'll be featuring a different boutique every evening starting at 6 PM EST, in The Christmas Shoppe at Shabby Cottage Shops, it honestly is...where the finest boutiques gather! We have 30 shops who are participating in this year's events and a huge giveaway, The Pink Present starting on November 6. Come see what's inside "The Pink Box" on November 6 at Shabby Cottage Shops! Don't forget to enter our Christmas Tree Hunt Contest, it's started!! You could win one of six $25 Gift Certificates to be given away! The contest ends December 1 and the winners will be announced on December 2.


Shabby Cottage Shops

Find Your Tree, Win a $25 Gift Certificate in The Christmas Shoppe!

We're having a Christmas Tree Hunt Contest this year at Shabby Cottage Shops in The Christmas Shoppe! If you find all Six (6) banners hidden in the participating shops listed below, you'll have a chance to win One (1) of the Six (6) $25 Gift Certificates we'll be giving away for you to spend in the Christmas Shoppe! Read all the details below!

1. This banner is hidden in six (6) of the participating shops below! Find all six (6) "YOU FOUND YOUR TREE" banners to be entered into the contest and be eligible to win one $25 Gift Certificate.

2. You'll have to visit each one of the participating shops listed below, to find the banner above in each shop! Make sure it says "YOU FOUND YOUR TREE". There are two different banners!!! Look inside each shop to locate this banner at the top of the page!!

3. Click on the link they have highlighted in the text below the banner and let me know "YOU FOUND YOUR TREE" in each shop of the six shops, noting the name of the shop and the page, in your email!

4. You'll be entered into the contest to win One (1) of the Six (6) $25 Gift Certificates. The contest ends on December 1st! The winners will be announced on December 2 on our blog! You'll be able to redeem your $25 Gift Certificate in One (1) of the Participating shops in The Christmas Shoppe Only!

Participating Shops, you'll have to visit each one, to see if they have a banner hidden in their boutique!

5 Dollar French Marche
Bella Lucille
Bella Maison Tresors
Bella Rosa Designs
Celestina Marie Designs
Cottonfield Farm
Creations with Heart
Crystals Rose Cottage Chic
Debi Coules
Dusty Oak Ornaments
Holly and Glitter
Little Luxuries of Va
Mary's Cottage Treasures
Maude Dexter
Mrs. Sterlings
One Spring Street
Rhondas Rose Cottage Designs
Rose Cottage Chic
Sassy Beach Jewelry Designs
Sweetheart's Nest
Sweet Repeat Vintage
Tequila Bay Boutique
The Cottage Market
The French Elements
The Pillowcase Dress Store
The Ruffled Rose
The Shop at Blue Creek Home
Tivoli Gardens
Vintage Paris Market
Vintage to Vogue Shop

Good Luck, hope you find all six of your trees! The winners will be announced on December 2, here on the blog!


Shabby Cottage Shops

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