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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ooh La La...Day 12 Featured Belle Inspiration, It Christmas in July!

One Shop...
One Special Item...
Two Free Gifts...
Free Shipping too!!
It's Belle Inspiration!

Thanks for stopping by today for Christmas in July at Shabby Cottage Shops! This is the 12th day of fabulous special items and free gifts!! We're excited to announce today's featured boutique is...Belle Inspiration!

Belle Inspiration is your rendez-vous with good taste and style. Published bi-monthly and delivered to you in a digital flip-page format.

Based in Paris France, our international team of contributors are all about a romantic style of living, and enjoying the simple things that can make your day more beautiful.

Each issue will profile practical and versatile ideas coupled with beautiful images, unique boutiques, wallet-friendly solutions for interiors, food and fashion. !

Subscribe to Belle Inspiration, while their boutique is being featured today, July 21 at Shabby Cottage Shops during Christmas in July!! Enjoy strolling thru the streets of Italy and Paris while you flip thru the pages of this wonderful online magazine, Belle Inspiration! The newest issue is now available! When you subscribe to this fabulously chic online digital magazine, you'll get a free subscription to share with your best friend during Christmas in July at Shabby Cottage Shops and Belle Inspiration! You'll also receive the wonderful item in picture #2, their very special gift to you as well, a Lisbeth Dahl handpainted box! Enjoy free shipping while Belle Inspiration is being featured today, during Christmas in July at Shabby Cottage Shops! Remember one day, one special item, 2 very special free gifts and free shipping are available today only, July 21!

You’ll want to visit all the charming boutiques to see what they’re offering and giving away on their special day, too!

Visit our site daily, to find who will the next featured boutique on Day 13...hurry, you don't to miss Belle Inspiration's special item and two free gifts during Christmas In July at Shabby Cottage Shops!

We have 5 more fabulous boutiques to feature, we invite to you to stop by daily to see what they will be offering on their special day! There are lots more wonderful surprises in store for you from all the participating shops! Thanks for shopping with us at Shabby Cottage Shops during Christmas in July!

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