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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Shabby Cottage Shops ~ Country Sampler Ad! ~ FRONT PAGE MEMBERSHIP $32.50 A MONTH!

Here's our newest ad, it's in Country Sampler ~ Their biggest issue for the Holidays! This will be on the newsstands on October 1st and there will be so many eyes on this ad! As you can see, each of our ads will be different! We have other ads coming out very soon including two FULL Page Ads!
I want to remind everyone who is a member of our network, Live Laugh and Love to Shop Network and also, Etsy Cottage Style Network, we are offering 50% off our membership rates! If not, visit any of the above networks and join now or contact me directly, for any questions! A FRONT PAGE membership is $32.50 A MONTH, Rose Cottage Court is $22.50 A MONTH! You will also enjoy FRONT PAGE exposure with a FREE SPOT in our "Featured Boutiques" on the Rose Quilt! This is fantastic price, enjoy visits from different eyes, on a Different site and a variety of new customers looking for something new!
Compare our benefits, compare our prices! Enjoy new customers, not the same customers! The special price is not on the website, contact me directly to join Shabby Cottage Shops now and "get noticed"!

Have a Pinkalicious Day,
Shabby Cottage shopping at it's very best!

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