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Sunday, September 27, 2009

We Have a New Member ~ Debi Coules has joined Shabby Cottage Shops!!

Debi Coules has joined us at Shabby Cottage Shops! We are absolutely jumping for joy she chose Shabby Cottage Shops as her place to call home! She creates the most beautiful Romantic Rose Paintings, Victorian Art and Hand Painted home accessories. Her work evokes a true feeling of romance when she paints!

Her art has been featured in Romantic Homes! You will find Debi's work in homes and shops across America, Europe, Asia and now, at Shabby Cottage Shops too!

The pink fairies are busy readying Debi's cottage on the front page of Shabby Cottage Shops, they are creating the perfect studio for Debi Coules and it will be ready in just a few days. Please stop by Debi Coules new home at Shabby Cottage Shops, it's where you'll find Debi's newest works of art just waiting to be discovered!


Shabby Cottage Shops

1 comment:

Debi said...

Hi Everyone!
I just wanted to say how excited and honored I am to join Shabby Cottage Shops!Thank you for the wonerful introduction! I know it is going to be fantastic....and pardon the punn...but I am tickled pink!I look forward to meeting you all!
Debi Coules

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