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Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's Pinkalicious Christmas Party Time ~ Only 15 Days left!

Christmas is just around the corner! It's hard to believe it's only a few weeks away! You're invited you to join us today! This week's theme is the "Perfect Pink Present" for our weekly, Pinkalicious Christmas Party. Stop by and see what's new this week at Shabby Cottage Shops! You'll find a wonderful selection of beautiful pink items including kitchen accessories, gorgeous ornaments, hand painted signs and home decor! Plus there are great sales, free gift wrap, a fun contest and more! Our boutiques are adding new merchandise to ensure your shopping pleasure. There's still time to get everything on your wish list by Christmas! Make sure to stop by and complete your shopping at Shabby Cottage Shops tomorrow, and take advantage of the great sales and special for one day only during our "Pinkalicious Christmas Party", Thursday, all day! Scroll down to see a sampling at what our members have this week for their parties!

Visit all the shops, at Shabby Cottage Shops, there's still time to complete your last minute holiday shopping! We're sure you'll find the "Perfect Pink Present" for your mom, granddaughter, friend, sister or co-workers at Shabby Cottage Shops today!

Happy Holidays!

1 comment:

Elise said...

It is so hard to think it's just around the corner isn't it ? It just seems to have blasted through the last few months and wham, here it is !!! Loved your post

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