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Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Membership Special at Shabby Cottage Shops!!

New Membership Special

Become a Charming Member! Join us on French Cottage Cove and receive a FREE upgrade to Rose Cottage Court!! Enjoy 1 product display in our ads in National Magazines and 5 weblinks for six months at a special rate of $140.00 at Shabby Cottage Shops!!

This is a fabulous time to join an online shopping mall for additional Holiday exposure. We advertise in the top National Magazines! Victoria, Romantic Homes, Tea Time Magazine, Bedrooms and Baths, Cottages and Bungalows, Somerset Life and more! You can join French Cottage Cove (the third page) and receive a FREE UPGRADE on Rose Cottage Court (the second page) for $140 for a six month commitment!! With the FREE UPGRADE you'll have the opportunity to be included in one of our fabulous ads, along with 5 weblinks with your six month membership!

You also have the option to upgrade the Rose Cottage Court membership to include an additional product display ad for just $40 more! So you can either join using the FREE UPGRADE on Rose Cottage Court or upgrade on Rose Cottage Court and receive two product display ads during your six month commitment, for $180, the choice is yours!

Come join us now and enjoy the benefits of being a member of Shabby Cottage Shops and get your site noticed!

Do you have an eBay store or Etsy shop, you can join us too, we'd love to help you promote your stores at these sites!

Join NOW... and pick the cottage of your choice on Rose Cottage Court for just $140 for six months!!

Email us for any questions you may have about this special, hurry it's for a limited time only, ensure you get the best cottage selection available and fabulous Holiday exposure in all the best National Magazines at Shabby Cottage Shops, its where the finest boutiques gather...

This special is for new members only.


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