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Monday, July 18, 2011

Christmas in July...Day 9 featured boutique...Love Your Pooch?

One Shop...
One Special Item...
One Free Gift...
Free Shipping too!!
It's Doggie Carriers!

Thanks for stopping by today for Christmas in July at Shabby Cottage Shops! This is the 9th day of our fun shopping extravangza and we're excited to announce today's featured boutique is...Doggie Carriers!
By now, you seen all the fabulous new items and free gifts each featured shop has offered during their Christmas in July...Doggie Carriers is no exception! was established in 2006. They are an online pet boutique, specializing in travel products for your pets, however they also carry beautiful beds, collars, dog houses and many more wonderful products. Their main focus is on outstanding customer service and unique products for your pets.

Shop Doggie Carriers now, while their boutique is being featured today, July 18 at Shabby Cottage Shops during Christmas in July!! We're sure you will love the Snow Leopard Snuggle Bug in picture 1 and the Snow Leopard Blanket, in picture 2, you will be receiving for FREE along with FREE SHIPPING on both products! Please stop by Doggie Carriers today! Remember, there will only be one available, one free gift and free shipping on both items pictured above, but only while this shop is featured! Hurry...the first person who purchases this item is going to be thrilled and your best friend will be too!! You'll get the free gift and free shipping too! But remember, once it's gone, it's gone for good!

You’ll want to visit all the charming boutiques to see what they’re offering and giving away on their special day, too!

Visit our site daily, to find who will the next featured boutique on Day 10...hurry, you don't to miss Doggie Carriers special item and free gift during Christmas In July at Shabby Cottage Shops!

Have fun, hope you have a fabulous week and thanks for shopping with us at Shabby Cottage Shops during Christmas in July!



DustyOak Ornaments said...

Cute, cute shop!! lots of fun items for the doggine lover in us all!!

Shabby Cottage Shops said...

I love this shop too! I ordered a doggie harness for my cocker spaniel, Cody and it arrived so quick and now my little fella can ride without me worrying about him!

Creations With Heart said...

I'm crazy for doggies and I'm loving your store! This bed looks so cozy and the free blanket would be great to cuddle with your puppy!

salpi said...

cute items

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