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Monday, July 25, 2011

It's the last day of Christmas in's featured boutique is...

Last Shop...
Last Special Item...
Last Free Gift...
Free Shipping too!!
Lil Bit Old Lil Bit New!

Thanks for stopping by today for Christmas in July at Shabby Cottage Shops! This is the 17th day and final day of our Christmas In July at Shabby Cottage Shops!! Today's featured boutique is Lil Bit Old Lil Bit New!

"LiL Bit Old Lil Bit New" embraces the old-fashioned sensibility of treasuring those things that are meaningful to us. Whether you love scented drawer liners or faux diamonds, handmade chenille cupcake pin keeps we love the notion that little things mean a lot and tell the story of who we are.

Today only, while Lil Bit Old Lil Bit New, is being featured and is the last shop for this year's Christmas in July at Shabby Cottage Shops, you can purchase this gorgeous iridescent fushia colored gown dress to hang your jewels on! It's my special item today while my shop is being featured on the last day of Christmas in July! Standing 15 inches tall, it has 8 golden rod iron hangers to hang your most precious jewels. Enjoy free shipping and the very special free gift in picture #2 today only!! The "Crown" Key Ring is the free gift you will receive when you purchase the Fushia Gown Jewelry Holder at Lil Bit Old Lil Bit New! Enjoy free shipping on both items while this shop is being featured today, during Christmas in July at Shabby Cottage Shops! Remember the last day, the last special item, the last FREE gift and free shipping are available today only, July 26, the last day of Christmas in July at Shabby Cottage Shops!

We would like to thank everyone for stopping by daily and visiting our boutiques during Christmas in July this year! We sincerely hope you found the treasures you've come to expect at Shabby Cottage Shops, we do think it's where the finest boutiques gather and hope you have added these and all of the fabulous boutiques to your favorites! Be sure to join us for the upcoming holiday season and visit our Pinkalicious Christmas Shoppe, you'll find the perfect gift for everyone on your holiday shopping list!

Some of our boutiques are also offering a "Daily Markdown" special! Each day, some have chosen to offer one item, marked down for just one be sure to visit and find out which shops are offering something wonderful from their treasure chest daily! Visit our Christmas in July page today! Just scroll down to the bottom to find out which shops are offering a "Daily Markdown"! It's the last day of daily markdowns, when they're gone, they are gone until next year!!



DustyOak Ornaments said...

This is the sweetest little shop! I love the key chain and sould would just about every girly girl I know... really cute!! ~ Sandy

The Sassy Beach said...

Perfect combo for that girlie girl in your life! Love the key chain

Creations With Heart said...

Wow! What gorgeous pieces! Your website is a pleasure to stroll through!

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