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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Welcome VintElegance and Creative Art Works to Shabby Cottage Shops!!!

We have two new fabulous members who have just joined us at Shabby Cottage Shops in Beautiful Cottage Boutiques!
The first fabulous new member is VintElegance! They offer unique most one of a kind reclaimed jewelry created using vintage jewelry pieces! Sherri was inspired as a little girl by her Grandmother Helen, she loved admiring and trying on her grandmother's jewelry! Sherri now seeks out these beautiful vintage treasures and recreates her own "Timeless Treasures" to recapture the beauty and imagination to create a new story for the next generation!

Sherri offers exquisite bracelets, necklaces, cuff bracelets and rings and brings new life to "Vintage Forgotten Glamour"! If you want a custom creation, she will be more than happy to work you and design a piece especially for you! Click on the pictures to view the item displayed or click on the link to view all the items in this category!

Stop by and visit VintElegance and welcome them to Shabby Cottage Shops in Beautiful Cottage Boutiques today!

Gorgeous Cuff Bracelets

Unique Rings!

Our second new member in Beautiful Cottage Boutiques at Shabby Cottage Shops is Creative Art Works.

Creative Art Works is a lovely Etsy shop featuring a unique collection of art and jewelry pieces, including fun and whimiscal "jester head ornaments", satin rosette necklaces and"Mr. Wiggle"! All of Linda's creations are handmade, one of a kind and both decorative and functional too! Be sure to visit Linda in Beautiful Cottage Boutiques at Shabby Cottage Shops! It's a fun, whimsical eclectic shop you'll want to be sure to visit!

Fun, Whimsical Jester Head Ornaments!

Mr. Wiggles and More!

Unique One of a Kind Necklaces!

Please click on the pictures or links to view these gorgeous products available at our newest members boutiques!

Thanks for visiting our newest shops, we think they are a fabulous addition to Shabby Cottage Shops, it is where the finest boutiques gather!

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