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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Facebook Changes...what are they doing???

I wanted to share this with everyone!! For those of you who use facebook on a daily basis and aren't seeing a lot of your friends posts and are probably thinking they are busy or on a mini vacation...well most likely are not! Read more below!! You can correct it by following the instructions and ensure you'll know what is going on in your best friend's or friend world! If you don't do this, then you'll have limited access and may miss something very special!

If you are a friend on our wall on facebook, please be sure to subscribe to our posts, as well as on our fan or business page too, that way you won't miss any special information, sales, new products and sometime recipes too! Please feel free to share it on your wall or page on facebook too!

Facebook is now "LIMITING ACCESS" to your FRIENDS POSTS.. You are Not Seeing ALL of your Friends' Posts. - To Change this, Move Your Mouse Over a Persons Name on Your Wall, then click "Subscribed" & Change Your Subscriptions to "ALL UPDATES". FB has Defaulted to "Most Updates" vs "All Updates". Facebook is making you do this ONE FRIEND AT a TIME. They are Trying to Limit Traffic on Servers. - Please, SHARE with others ASAP or their Posts may be Cut Off to you!!

Hope this helps everyone who enjoys facebook!

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Creations With Heart said...

Thanks so much for this Debie! <3

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