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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Boutique Scrabble Weekly Giveaway...It's Thursdays Marketplace time!

Join us for this week's Thursdays Marketplace , our shops are offering some fabulous sales, special discount codes, flat rate shipping and more, all for one day only!

Be sure to enter our weekly giveaway event, Boutique Scrabble! Below is this week's item the mystery shop has donated for our Boutique Scrabble giveaway. Find out how you can enter to win this Fleur De Lis Dish. The winner will be announced Monday on the blog! Details are below:


The Details:

1. Each week we will feature a mystery boutique at Shabby Cottage Shops by scrambling up the spelling of the shop's name on the home page of Shabby Cottage Shops in the announcement box at the top of our site and in a weekly blog post.

2. You have to “unscramble” the shop or boutique name featured each week during Thursdays Marketplace. It will be a different boutique every week!

3. Once you have “unscrambled” the shop name, come back to this blog post during Thursdays Marketplace. Leave a comment saying “I know what shop it is!” letting us know you unscrambled the shop name…But please don’t share the shop name in your comment on the blog post, just email us with the Shop name you think it is!

4. If it’s the correct shop name, you will be entered into the drawing, you’ll have a chance to win the gorgeous product pictured above from the mystery shop!

5. The winner will be announced Monday, here on the blog, watch for the post...good luck and have fun!

6. Unscramble these letters to find what the shop name is and to be entered into this week's Boutique Scrabble Giveaway: aeteilvfltosulxuir...

Visit the following shops for this week's special savings during Thursdays Marketplace!

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